Entomological Society of New Zealand 2019

More conferences! I have been so lucky during my PhD to have the funding and opportunity to build professional relationships and communicate my research via domestic and international meetings. To start off 2019, I attended both the Entomological Society of New Zealand (ESNZ) meeting in Hanmer Springs and the International Congress of Arachnology (ICA) in Christchurch.

At ESNZ, I won 1st prize for best student talk! Here I am with my main supervisor, Greg Holwell.


Morgane and I both rocked our finest entomologically-themed attire. I’ve got a beetle dress, mushroom earrings, and a jumping spider tattoo. Morgane has a dragonfly dress and a sphinx moth necklace.

IMG_8647 (2).JPG

Group photos! Left is Greg Holwell’s lab group and right is Chrissie Painting’s lab group.


Hanmer Springs Resort was a wonderful conference venue. Amazing views and lovely cottages.

IMG_8641 (2).JPG

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