All photos here are my own work. Please contact me for permission for use or if you’d like specific descriptions for any image.

2nd_weevil_3 (3).jpg
Male giraffe weevil, Lasiorhynchus barbicornis. 




2018-02-13 04-04-02 (A,Radius33,Smoothing4) (3)
A male Forsteropsalis pureora at 5xs magnification


2018-02-16 21-40-06 (A,Radius13,Smoothing2) (2)
Male Forsteropsalis pureora with mites (likely in the Erythraeina, the long-legged velvet mites, which can be parasitic on harvestmen)

2018-02-16 21-44-32 (A,Radius21,Smoothing2) (2)

2018-02-16 20-50-13 (C) (4)
Male Soerensenella prehensor, short-legged harvestmen endemic to New Zealand, with several phoretic mites

male7 (2)



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DSC06438 (2).jpg
Orthodera novaezealandiae, New Zealand mantis, with fly prey

DSC05990 (3)


IMG_4403 (2)
Female Acanthoxyla sp. stick insect
IMG_4579 (2)
Acanthoxyla sp. female with an egg ready for oviposition


IMG_2528 (2)

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